Conci Painting Company is honored to be working at the venerable Detroit Athletic Club under contract to Sachse Construction on multiple projects at the clubhouse founded in 1915 at 241 Madison Avenue in Detroit.

The world renowned DAC, a national platinum club, is undergoing major renovations as part of its centennial celebration. Conci has already completed painting and finish work on the exterior of the clubhouse portico entrance that was modernized and expanded to make parking and the lobby easier for members and guests, along with the Pavilion. The Glass lobby, new portico, Madison Café, Reception Area and Valet station, 3rd floor fitness area along with the new 5th floor catering offices, finishes were done by team Conci, from painting exterior walls, ceilings and metal poles to dry wall painting and wood staining services, and vinyl wallcovering, Conci was honored to work on this important project.

The DAC is also constructing a rooftop restaurant, meeting and dining rooms and a cigar bar that is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. Conci is honored to be chosen to paint the finishing touches on top of the 7-story historic building that was originally designed by Albert Kahn.

“As a DAC member we take special pride in working on this historic clubhouse building,” said Joe Derdelakos, partner. “We are very pleased to showcase the varied professional coating and painting services we provide and look forward to showing off all of the finishes when the projects are completed this fall.”